CM Connect Breakout Session – Slow Motion: How Slowing Down Will Move Your Ministry Forward

Something that has been coming up over and over again, is the notion of slowing down. Just yesterday, I was text messaging with a friend. She commented that I am the busiest person she knows. That’s saying a lot because this particular friend is a mom of two under age 4, a small business owner,… Read More

Heartbreak and Hurt

Sometimes it is really hard to see God and/or feel His presence when we are in the middle of heartbreak and hurt. For me, 2016 has been a year full of heartbreak and hurt. I know there are also so many out there who are hurting, especially during this holiday season. So many parents who… Read More

Burn Out…. It Happens

In recent news, Pete Wilson resigned from Cross Point Church in Tennessee. Wilson said he was leading on empty and that he was broken, so it was in the church’s best interest that he resign. Since this story came out earlier in the week, I have seen a few other articles talking about burn out.… Read More