Balance – My Word for 2020

I have been feeling VERY unbalanced as of late. In pretty much every aspect of life. While I spent much of 2019 in an up and down pattern, I am searching for balance in 2020.

I want to grow closer to God and have more balance in my Spiritual life. This last year has been one full of transitions and chaos and confusion. One of the victims of that has been my spiritual walk.

In this new year, I want to have more balance in my personal wellness. This year, I was diagnosed with PCOS and, at the original diagnosis time, also Pre-Diabetes. After starting on meds for the PCOS, I also started working with a trainer at our gym. I started weight training and also watching what I eat.

In September of 2018, I gave up soda. To be honest, I’ve had one every once in awhile throughout the year, but not even once a week or once a month. That was huge for me because one of the things I love in life is fountain coke. Yep – if I had an addiction it would be to fountain coke (not bottles or cans). It was hard for me to give that up. But – although I gave up soda, I wasn’t great about how I ate otherwise. Even after the diagnosis, while I ate better overall, it still needs a lot of work. I need to be better about taking my lunch (ideas are welcome) vs. eating out. I need to actually eat breakfast. My problem with breakfast is the time. I teach online in the mornings. Then I get ready to go to the office. So, time is usually a crunch (and I know I need to work on waking up earlier). Eating in 2020 is definitely something I have to work on.

I plan to continue my workouts with my trainer. I have grown so much stronger and I have a goal of being able to deadlift 100 pounds (which I’m not far from), run 11-minute miles (for at least a 5K). I’m working on getting my weight down. Since May 2019, I’ve dropped over 20 pounds. I feel so much better and happier. It’s helped me to do life better and to be better at my job – my calling. Continuing to do this will help with balance in other areas. It will help me to live out my calling.

I need financial balance. I need time balance. I just need balance in every aspect of my life. As a result, as I focus on taking 2020 by force, balance is my word for the year.

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