New Year, New Goals

Dear Friends:

This post was meant to be written and posted last week. However, that super nasty stomach bug got the better of me. One of my big goals for Thriving In God’s Grace for 2018 is to have a monthly theme, with at least 1 post per week in regards to that theme. I also want to start blogging a great ministry tool/resource every Thursday. Why am I writing a post like this right now? Well, my friends, I feel God nudging me to increase my ministry. I love networking with other ministry friends and sharing thoughts. Not only do I want to minister to those in ministry, but I also see TIGG as a way of reaching families. I am hoping to show you all my faith growing deeper asĀ  I hope to see your faith growing deeper! Thriving in God’s Grace is important to me – it’s something organic that I started over a year ago, as a hobby.

Over the last week, when I haven’t been sick, there’s been a question nagging at me. It’s all because I was reading in Matthew about Jesus fasting in the wilderness for 40 days. During that time, Satan tried to tempt Jesus, but Jesus persisted in the right way – even though it was clearly much harder. At the end of that story in the Gospel of Matthew, I was taken aback by this: “Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him.” ~Matthew 4:11. The him in this verse is Jesus. The angels came and ministered to Jesus. If angels can minister to Jesus, then who can I minister to – or better yet, who can’t I minister to? There is no one out of reach of ministry.

Some choose to stand on a street corner with a bull horn. That’s not so much my speed. I prefer personal relationships. My friends, I want you to feel like you’ve just stepped into my home or my office and we’re enjoying a cup of tea together as we talk about the plans that God has for us. I want us to build a relationship. That is why in 2018, you will see some changes in TIGG. I hope you’ll join me for the ride. Invite your friends to subscribe to TIGG. I believe that God has some amazing things happening this year. Let’s have a great year in ministry, my friends!



Image courtesy of Pixabay through Creative Commons.

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