Believing the Unbelievable

Something that has been appearing in my devotions lately is belief/believing. I struggle with this – especially in my own faith journey because my thoughts fight for logic. However, God has shown me time and again that through Him all things are possible.

The most unbelievable thing happened more than 2000 years ago when baby Jesus was born. Mary conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Something so unbelievable. When the angel appeared to Mary and told her what was going to happen, she didn’t doubt or run away. Instead, Mary believed the unbelievable. I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts that went through Mary’s head as the angel spoke to her. I’m so glad God chose Mary to be the mother and carrier of Jesus. I’d probably have doubted and tried to run away.

Doubt. It’s so easy to let doubt creep in. Doubt is one of Satan’s most used tools. If Satan can cause doubt, he’s got an opening into you. I’m a huge doubter. Yet, God still manages to love me, forgive me, and use me.

Being in ministry is a calling. If it’s “just a job”, eventually it will catch up to you and you’ll burn out. Some days, it’s knowing that being in ministry is a calling that keeps me going. Even though ministry is my calling, doubt still creeps in. I find myself feeling inadequate all too often. Yet, God continues to prove the unbelievable to me over and over again.

Let’s take a lesson from Mary and believe the unbelievable. This is something I plan to work on through the next year. Pray and ask God to allow you to be open so you can believe the unbelievable. God will work wonders through this, if you allow Him.

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