In my devotional today, I read about how sin messes with our emotions. Pastor Rick Warren writes:

Can we go out and do good in the world? Yes. Should we? Yes. Should we relieve pain? Of course.

But the world is irreparably broken. We serve others to relieve hurt, to heal people, to help them make it through. But we’re not kidding ourselves. We’re not going to bring the Kingdom in on Earth. This is not Heaven. Our ultimate job is to get people into the perfect place, not try to make the world a perfect place. Should we try to make the world better? Yes. Should we expect it to be perfect? No. The damage is too deep for repair.

This hit me in a way I didn’t expect. We want to help people, but how often is that desire because we’re trying to make our world perfect instead of trying to get people in the world to the perfect place? I wholeheartedly agree with Pastor Rick Warren, when he says the world is irreparably broken. It all goes back to the beginning with Adam & Eve. Satan managed to appeal to their pride, causing them to disobey God. The effect of their disobedience is the broken world we live in. There is so much hurt, pain, brokenness, stress, etc. because of the disobedience of Adam & Eve. So many are hurting from trauma. So many are trying to figure out how they’re going to eat. So many are grieving broken relationships. Warren reminds us that we can’t undo all the wrongs we’ve done nor can we undo all the wrongs that have been done to us. King Solomon said something similar:I have to remind myself of this often. When I struggle to understand all the hurt I’ve been dealt, when I wish I could undo it, I have to remind myself that it can’t be undone, that God can & will, somehow, use it for good. For that, I am grateful.

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