D6 Conference – 1/168

I wish there was a way to truly convey how amazing this conference is. There aren’t enough words that I can come up with. This is my absolute favorite conference because of the depth of the content. Just to give you a glimpse of the schedule, there were a number breakouts to kick off the conference before starting with the first general session. The 2nd day was one full of general sessions with some amazing speakers. The 3rd day is a day full of break out sessions on a wide variety of topics. There’s 68 different break out sessions offered on day 3. Each is about 50 minutes long. There is just so much good information.

d6 schedule

The line up of main stage speakers is nothing short of amazing.

Ron Hunter Jr., executive director & CEO of Randall House publishing

Christina Embreee, my best friend from Seminary

Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages

La Verne Tolbert

Richard Ross

Vern Bengtson

Candace Payne, the Chewbacca mask lady

Michael Bayne

Edward Moody Jr.

Timothy Paul Jones

Joshua Straub

Michael Covington

Kristie Christie

Josh & Sean McDowell

The Skit Guys


There’s a large number of breakout session speakers as well. To even begin to try to explain the depth of information is hard. Not only is there a lot of deep content, but there is also a lot of emotional content. These speakers are other family pastors, children’s pastors, youth pastors, etc. – people just like me. They understand what it’s like to be in ministry. They know what we feel and why. They’ve been there or even are there. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here and to learn from some truly amazing people. In addition to that, it’s also fun getting to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in awhile! It’s also a great place to network with others in ministry.

Look for more posts about specific sessions from the D6 conference. God is truly moving through this conference and I am SO excited to see where He is going to lead me through all of this.

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