Sunday in Haiti

We all crashed after getting to the guest house and eating supper on Saturday night. We crashed hard! Sunday was a day of rest and worship. We attended a church – the same one I had attended with Hyde Park when we came in 2015 -where we got headphones to listen to a translation of the service. It was more of a contemporary service where songs such as Here I Am To Worship were sung – but in Creole. I was so blown away by the attitude of worship that filled the church. In the US, I’ve attended many a church service where the congregation is singing Praise & Worship Music, but there was no real attitude of worship. I loved sitting at this church and closing my eyes, just to listen to the people sing. It filled my heart. 

The Pastor gave a sermon based on Isaiah 30-32. The Israelites kept falling away from God, essentially because His timing is not their timing. They felt abandoned by God. They would rather have returned to a life of slavery in Egypt. God supplies our needs. We just have to remember that our timing is not always God’s timing. He probably has something even greater in store for us. Don’t go back to your Egypt.

As I sat there listening to the sermon, I wrote that phrase, “Don’t go back to your Egypt” in my notes. I came on this trip in desperate need of this time of 100% relying on God to get me through. My anxiety is high. I want to go to my husband, but I can’t exactly communicate with him, so I’m having to rely 100% on God. I’m drawing closer to my God. I don’t like being in a place where I am weary and worn – my personal Egypt – relying on others to get me through. I’m able to sing with a heart full of worship for my God because He makes me happy and fills me with joy!

After church, we went to a restaurant called Kokoye for lunch. We sat outdoors, enjoying the beautiful day that it was. We ordered our food. Eventually our Frank’s came. An hour later our food cane – except for 4 of us whose food was an additional 30 minutes later. I ordered a fried chicken sandwich and fries. It was pretty darn good. It was nice to get to blend with the other team – who are from Ohio as well (not Michigan as I stated Saturday AM). 

After lunch, we came back to the guest house and napped for a couple hours (the girls I am rooming with and I crashed hard. Once we woke up, it was supper time. After supper, we had devotions together and then some of us colored while some played Dominoes before bed.

During our devotional time, Greg asked us 2 questions that we all went around the circle and answered. 1. Why are you here – on this trip? 2. What do you hope to get out of your time here? 

I’m here for a few reasons. 1. I left a huge piece of my heart here last time. I’ve been itching to get back to Haiti since then. 2. As I stated earlier, I NEED this time. I NEEDED this trip. I need to connect with God & be fully dependent on him. I need to surrender ALL to Him, including my family. 3. I’m here because God called me to be here. This is a desire He put in my heart. I’m happy to be here.

I hope to get closer to God through this week, working on my anxiety and trust issues. I’m hoping to heal some of the hurts I’ve encountered over the last year. I know God is pruning me and has been pruning me. That can hurt. Pruning is necessary because it helps to create more and better fruit. Sometimes it really sucks to be in the pruning season, but it is needed if I am going to live my life and have a ministry fully reliant on God. I want to effectively share the Gospel with others, not just by words, but by showing it. This pruning season is part of that.

Continue to pray for our team. I’m looking forward to an amazing week.

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