Building a Library

Just FYI – I am using the WordPress app on my phone – while it is in airplane mode – to write and post. Is it working? I hope you are reading! 

Monday – our first day of work. My day started a little earlier than others, as I volunteered to get up to make our lunches with 2 others. We take a cooler to the lunch site, which contains PB&J sandwiches for everyone (we just put them back in the bread bag after we made them), several cans of Pringles, & 2 packs of cookies. For the most part, that will be our lunch all week. Of course, we have several water coolers we bring as well for use during the whole day.

Yesterday, we built a library – a first for Greg. We took all the materials to the site & cut the wood, etc. as we went. The library is the latest addition to the Village of Grace. When I was here in June 2015, we visited the Village of Grace on our last day. It was a project that was being started while Greg & Cathy were back in the states for awhile. Here we are 18 mi the later, there are 160 home replacing the tents, plus a school & a church. Now, a library. It’s amazing to see the difference.

It was fun to be greeted by kids from the Village of Grace. There was one little girl that just wanted us to hold her. She didn’t say a word, but wanted to be held. 

We unloaded what we needed to get started, and then we got started. We start with the foundation of the library – the floor. At one point, as we were nailing in the floor (which is plywood), Greg noticed there was a small gap and it wasn’t flush with the piece next to it. No one was blamed. The nails were removed, and it was put where it needed to be and then the nails were hammered back in. Next, the walls went up. This takes more time than we realize because soon enough it was lunch time.

After lunch, about 5 of us started building the furniture while the rest worked on the library. I spent my afternoon building 6 tables and 5 benches. This took all afternoon. We left the worksite at 5:15 PM – dinner was supposed to be served at 5. Needless to say we were late. We didn’t have time to clean up before supper. We were dirty, hot, sweaty, & tired. I can’t remember a day where I’ve done such hard physical labor since my Army days. 

I never thought of myself as a carpenter. My papa was a carpenter who built houses. All I could think was I hope I would be making him proud. How I wish he and I could be doing this trip together! I miss him everyday and he’s been gone 10 years now. Papa loved Jesus and it was evident in the way he lived his life. I pray and hope that I am half the person he was. I think he would enjoy being here in Haiti, sharing the love of Jesus by doing something he knows so well. 

It is my hope and prayer that as we go through the week, that we loudly exhibit the love of Jesus through our actions. Sometimes it’s something as little as playing a game with kids around the worksite that could make a difference. When I get to heaven someday, I hope to see a lot of the people that o interacted with on my missions trips. 

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