Running from Our Creator

I was reading through my Advent devotional from She Reads Truth. The writer starts by talking about the Gingerbread Man and how he is always on the run from his maker. This made me think about how we are always running from our Creator. 

Jeremiah 1:5 tells us that God knew us and loved us before we were even formed in the womb. How amazing is that? Psalm 139 shows us that God knows all of our inner thoughts, everything about us, and that He seeks us out. We are all made in the Image of God, so why do we try to run as fast as we can away from our Creator?

We are human. The only perfect person to ever walk on earth was Jesus, the Son of God, who was both fully man and fully God. As humans, I believe, our greatest struggle is with pride. Pride is what caused the angel, Lucifer, to fall from heaven. Pride will always be our biggest downfall. Lucifer thought he could be better than God. As a fallen angel, he tries to get us to fall and fail as much as possible. He gives us a false sense of security. He encourages our pride. However, there’s a huge downside to that. 

When we are full of pride and ourselves, we tend to run away from our Creator because we think we don’t need Him. As much as He seeks us out, we keep running. We say to God, “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me.” We become so caught up in ourselves that we try to outrun God.

Sometimes, after we’ve stumbled and been humbled, we continue running because we don’t want to deal with our issues and admit to God that we were wrong or that we need help. Kirk Byron Jones wrote an amazing book called Addicted to Hurry (2003). He talks about how we don’t want to face God, so we fill our lives with so much that we are constantly hurrying from one thing to the next, leaving little to no room for God. 

I am guilty of being addicted to hurry. I have a lot of crud in my life that I need to sit and work with God on. I need to slow down and let my Creator continue to work on me. A group of my military spouse friends and I are doing a challenge called The Mindful Minute. The idea is to slow down and not hurry. What this looks like, for me, is to slow down for at least a minute and spend that moment letting God work on me. I’m tired of running from my Creator. It’s exhausting – more so than running a marathon. 

Instead of running from our Creator, let’s run to Him. We are made in His likeness. He knows our every need, our every struggle, our every joy. Run to Him and rest in Him.

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