November 9 

Tomorrow is the day. We will go to the polls and vote for the next President of the United States. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for this election to be over. 

As my husband and I watch the news this morning, all I see is bias, hate, nastiness, ugliness, and a very un-Christ like position. This isn’t just for one candidate, but for all. This election cycle has made me weary and sad. Campaigning has become so negative that it hurts my heart. When have candidates last focused on what they will do, how they will do it, and why it’s a good idea instead of focusing on bashing their opponent? Thankfully, I feel like I’ve seen that in some of our local races, but the bigger races are just so heartbreakingly sad and negative. 

We do not live in a perfect world – in fact, we are far from it. No leader of our great country is or will be perfect. There is only one perfect person that walked the earth and his name is Jesus, Son of God. He is still living and here. We may not see Him, but we can feel His presence. That is good news because regardless of who is elected tomorrow, in Wednesday, 11/9/16, our God will still be King. He will still be sovereign and overseeing what is happening on earth. God knows what is going to happen. He is still in charge and guiding us. Regardless of what happens, He will still be here to give us hope. 

I know that I am guilty of feeling hopeless about the state of, not just our country, but our world. We are living in a world that is increasingly rejecting God and Jesus (much like when Jesus walked the earth, and when the Israelites consistently rejected God in the Old Testament).  Culture is trying to dictate the Church and its teachings and the teachings of Jesus. The Scriptures and Jesus’ words are being twisted and taken way out of context to fit people’s agendas. When have we last looked and asked God for his agenda? 

We are called to love and not hate, but yet to rebuke (in love) those who are openly sinning. It’s ok to be angry, but how we act in anger makes a huge difference. Even Jesus got angry. Remember the story about how Jesus walked into the temple and saw the greedy happenings and he got angry? He was so angry that he upset the tables and rebuked those inside for their wrongdoing. 

As I’ve sat and watched/listened to all the hateful speech in this election cycle, I wonder what Jesus would be saying to us today. God has blessed our country with so much. And we take it for granted. Instead of being appreciative of all the freedoms we have, we have a culture that is constantly demanding more and feeling entitled to everything. We’ve forgotten about the great lengths our forefathers went through to protect their beliefs in how we should be serving God and our freedom to choose how we should worship and serve God. 

Our God is a great and amazing God. He is still sovereign. He hasn’t forgotten what his faithful followers have done for him. Despite what happens in tomorrow’s election, He will continue to bless those who follow him. It’s not always easy – we may have to endure hardships. In the end, I know that my ultimate goal is to hear the words “Well done my good & faithful servant” when I meet Jesus face to face. So, while I’m walking this earth, I plan to spend my time in prayer, the Word, and serving God with all I have. 

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